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Puppy Pack Scheme

FREE Puppy Packs

The Masters Puppy Pack Scheme, helping you to give each one of your pups the best start in their new homes.

A photo of a working dog
A photo of a working dog puppy running across a field

About our Puppy Packs

Through our puppy pack scheme we are able to offer free puppy packs, whether your puppy is already being fed Masters Eclipse Dog & Puppy by the breeder or you are looking to swap your new puppy over to Masters.

Each Masters puppy pack contains a 2kg bag of Eclipse Dog & Puppy, a money off voucher and feeding guide.

If you would like to join our breeder scheme, and are already feeding Masters Dog & Puppy to the mother and her puppies, please contact us via email to order the puppy packs for the puppies new owners.

A photo of a working dog puppy running across a field

Ordering your Puppy Pack

To order your FREE Puppy Pack, simply press the button below to add one to your basket. Delivery is included when ordered along with at least one 15kg bag of food, else a small delivery charge of £6.00 (including VAT) will be added if the Puppy Pack is ordered on its own.

Each customer is able to claim one FREE Puppy Pack. We may reserve the right to remove subsequent puppy packs from your order where multiple have been ordered.

If you have any questions we are happy to help, you can contact us here.