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About Us

We are a British, family-run company that has been manufacturing complete dog foods for over 25 years. Our founder, Peter Masters, started the company in January 1988 following 15 years in the Agricultural Nutrition, Veterinary and Pet industries. His lifetime interest in working dogs led him to compete in field trials and to become a Kennel Club appointed judge. It was this combination of Peter’s work experience and practical knowledge of dogs and their requirements that made him realise there was a need for a quality range of foods at a competitive price.

The dog food industry has changed a great deal over the last four decades, but our commitment to quality has remained the same. No vegetables or by-products are used in our formulations; meat, poultry and fresh tripe are used as the added protein source, offering the type of meal dogs really enjoy. Our foods are made to a set recipe and are never changed. This consistency of diet gives you, the owner, confidence in the product you are buying and provides your dog with a satisfying, tasty and nutritionally balanced complete diet every time.

From our own experience as dog owners, we know that nutritional needs vary from dog to dog. That’s why we have developed a range of products to suit the differing requirements of all healthy dogs. We take pride in our depth of practical knowledge and there’s always someone on hand to offer personalised advice and help you choose the correct product for your dog. To get in touch and discuss your requirements, you can contact us here