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Puppy Breeder Scheme

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The MASTERS' Breeder scheme entitles members to appy for free Puppy Packs to give to new owners. Our Puppy Packs contain the following:

Starter BagMoney OffLetterFeeding Guide

Offering a Puppy Pack to the new owner shows that you care, provides extra value, and gives you the peace of mind that the pup will continue to be fed on the food it is accustomed to, which is so important during what is already a traumatic time for the puppy.

To qualify for the Breeder Scheme and be eligible to receive the starter packs, puppies must be weaned onto ECLIPSE DOG & PUPPY. Weaning can commence at 3 ½ – 4 weeks of age.

We also strongly recommend feeding ECLIPSE DOG & PUPPY to the bitch from 2-3 weeks prior to whelping, as it will ensure production of sufficient milk to satisfy the forthcoming litter without sacrificing her overall condition. By feeding the bitch the same product that the puppies will be weaned onto, the puppies will be receiving the same nutrients through the milk that they will receive once weaning commences. This helps to prevent any setback at weaning.

To register your interest in the Breeder Scheme, please contact us here